Survey Comments – My Favorite Restaurant

Survey Comments - My Favorite Restaurant
What they are saying in their Survey Comments – My Favorite Restaurant.

InitialsFavorite RestaurantWhat I Like
CBGrecian Key“It is locally owned and has been for 30 years. The quality is consistent and excellent. Great food. And it\’s in Old Town.”
SMJakers Bar and Grill“I love the freshly made side items like twice-baked potatoes and unique fry sauce that goes with an exceptional entree.”
KREl Herradero Mexican – N Arthur“Price, always good food”
VCPerkins Restaurant & Bakery“Their Senior Menu and the homemade pastries.”
BTFood For Thought “Their Cob Salad is out of this world. Delicious sandwiches at reasonable prices.”
WSEl Herradero Mexican – Jefferson“Plenty of food, service sometimes a bit slow.”
SMGrecian Key“The Poseidon and the fries are my favorite.”
DLSumisu Asian Fusion & Sushi“Always delicious with my favorite dishes.”
WVEl Herradero Mexican- N Arthur“Great food locally owned”
SOBuddy’s Italian Restaurant “The food is always hot.”
KHBuddy’s Italian Restaurant“Always amazing consistently good food…”
NMOliver’s Restaurant “Food is FRESH and HOME MADE and the staff are wonderful!”
KRGrecian Key “Affordable, good food. Never disappointed.”
DTButter Burr’s Restaurant “The soup, salad & atmosphere!”
SHJeri’s Jumbo Cafe“I LOVE Jeri\’s Jumbo Cafe because they have great food and a very local/small town friendly atmosphere you don\’t find in a lot of restaurants”
SFVillano’s Italian “Garlic Knots are the best!”
BFreddy’s Custard & Steakburgers“good food”
ARMama Inez – Pocatello“The food is amazing”
SW5th Street Bagelry“The homemade bagels, sandwiches and fresh baked treats”
MFBuddy’s Italian Restaurant“The food is amazing. I can order anything on the menu and know I\’m going to be extremely satisfied. It is a restaurant that is warm, comforting and has character. It\’s perfect for a date or just to hang out with friends and watch the game. I also know I\’m not the only one who feels that way, working in hospitality I have had many conversations with people who inform me \”Buddy\’s is a Must.\” when they are staying in Pocatello.”
JQBuddy’s Italian Restaurant “I LOVE THE SALAD IT IS THE BEST”
AMPanda Express“The service is great and the food is always delicious.”
VMGrecian Key Restaurant “Gyros”
ABBamboo Garden“The food is really good, the price is great and I can get filled up on salad and meats.”
JWSandpiper Steak and Seafood“Consistently good, full bar, never feel rushed, clean.”
OQEl Herradero Mexican- N Arthur“They have really good tacos and cook it to a very good crips on the carnita meat and served with lime. It\’s a very good combination for a very good price. They are usually quick with taking your order and bringing your food out in a just amount of time.”
NWEl Herradero Mexican- N Arthur“The food and service is top notch”
SHSandbaggers Bar & Grill“they have really good food and great people”
CMJeri’s Jumbo Cafe“I love the scones”
JBSandpiper Steak and Seafood“Nice bar and good food.”
JWChang’s Garden“I love their green beans in black bean sauce”
DMBamboo Garden “Fresh Buffet”
CJChang’s Garden “Food,service, family owned”
DGBamboo Garden“Good Food”
TVJeri’s Jumbo Cafe“Locally owned and real homemade food!”
MMPV’s Uncorked on Main “Friendly atmosphere, great food, and good wine selection”
MLEl Herradero Mexican- Jefferson“The food is excellent and the prices are great.”
MCSandbaggers Bar & Grill“They are yummy”
RHBuddy’s Italian Restaurant“Salad”
BCBamboo Garden “That it is a buffet and all you can eat. The food is always fresh and yummy!”
BCA Taste of Hawaii “Great service great food”
AVThe Works Deli & Grill“Great food, portions and staff!!!”
ESCafe Tuscano“I love this adorable little restaurant! It is so cute, and has excellent food.”
BCSenor Iguanas“Yummy food”
KEl Herradero Mexican- N Arthur“Service is fast and friendly. The food is always good and I can afford to take my family of six here.”
AGButter Burr’s Restaurant“The food is always delicious. Growing up going to Butter Burrs was a special treat that mainly we did when my grandparents were visiting.”
SMButter Burr’s Restaurant“It’s delicious!”
SOJeri’s Jumbo Cafe“The friendly customer service and amazing home style meals.”
JLButter Burr’s Restaurant“The owners and the food of course.”
MLButter Burr’s Restaurant“I love their cinnamon twist and down home feeling you get there”
TCBurger Hut Burgers“Their French Fires”
SNJeri’s Jumbo Cafe“Good homey food and friendly people!”
KHPressbox Sports Bar“I love the food! Its also right down from my house and we get to watch any sports event thats going on”
MJSizzler“Bistro steak sandwich!”
KMJakers Bar & Grill“Great food and home made quality”
SMBurr’s Restaurant“The quilty of there food”
BWUncle Jim’s Family Dining“It is like a second home, for me. I think I could stay there all day and Jim and Chris wouldn\’t mind. Everybody is so friendly, kind and caring. They worry about their regular customers if they don\’t show up when they usually do. They even have been know to call and check up on them. The extra plus is that the food is always good and plentiful. You always have all the coffee you can drink. Thank you \”Uncle Jim\’s\” for always being my home and safe place. Love ya all.”
APVillano’s Italian“This pizzeria supports Old Towne. As well, it is ran by a wonderful family.”
JVUncle Jim’s Family Dining“Good food and service.
NVUncle Jim’s Family Dining“The food is great and it’s a friendly place.”
BFEl Herradero Mexican- Jefferson“Good food, healthy portions, many many options and awesome service!”
KHBurger Hut Burgers“Great food and a friendly staff”
BNBurger Hut Burgers“Best burgers and fries in town! Shakes are a great price for how big they are!”
JTPizza Pie Cafe“The quality of the food as well as the professional service.”
DBSizzler“They have the best and freshest product on their bar, and the staff is always so polite”
SKBurger Hut Burgers“Amazing chicken club”
AGalactic Grill“The staff is the best and the food is good home cooking”
DLCenter Street Clubhouse “Always yummy and amazing customer service”
MMPressbox Sports Bar“The atmosphere and of course, the food.”
JBSenor Iguanas“Chile Rellenos”
RMButter Burr’s Restaurant “Fast service and good food and friendly servers”
AHPressbox Sports Bar “Great food!”
KWSandpiper Steak and Seafood “Great food for a decent price and good drink selection”
SHOliver’s“Large menu. Always good food”
LTGrecian Key Restaurant“Friendly staff and delicious food all the time.”
VGJeri’s Jumbo Cafe“The food is always delicious and freshly made”
JSChapala Mexican Restaurant“Friendly people, good food, good portions at a great price.”
KREl Herradero Mexican- Jefferson“Best tasting Mexican food in town! YUMMY”
JHAmazing Glaze Donuts“Best service, amazing donuts, and outstanding coffee!!!”
TRNew Hong Kong Restaurant“Great food fast and reasonable delivery”
AWMandarin House of Pocatello“Food is always hot and fresh. Great customer service.”
MDJeri’s Jumbo Cafe“Family oriented”
LHGalactic Grill“I really like their fried chicken and potatoe saucers plus their pizza is really good!”
JHGolden Corral“Golden Corral”
BOWingers “LOVE their original wings.”
VTMama Inez Express – Chubbuck“Great food, fast and convenient”
MSPV’s Uncorked on Main “The monthly wine and food pairings!”
BRSenor Iguanas“All menu dishes are amazing and friendly atmosphere”
TRSandpiper Steak and Seafood“Nice variety on the menu”
JWSenor Iguanas“The portions and the great tasting food”
VWBamboo Garden “The food is always good and its fresh. And they have the best salad bar in town.”
CYPapa Murphy’s Take ‘N Bake-Chubbuck “Love pizza and bake it myself!!”
CWPressbox Sports Bar“The food is DELICIOUS! Plus we can always watch sports.”
BDVillano’s Italian“Local, delicious, money well spent, great staff”
EDButter Burr’s Restaurant“After a long hard day, there is nothing better than sitting down to a homestyle, warm meal at Butterburr\’s”
AEButter Burr’s Restaurant“Warm atmosphere delicious food”
TWMama Inez – Pocatello“Fast, Cheap and good”
MRBuddy’s Italian Restaurant“Caesar salad dressing”
BLNosh Mahal“The food is absolutely amazing”
CBJakers Bar and Grill“Amazing food for great prices”
CWThe Healthier Place to Eat“The healthy options, friendly staff and great tasking food”
KHThe Sand Trap“Quality”
MREl Herradero Mexican- N Arthur“It’s very authentic. There’s no other place that’s like it”
DTBuddy’s Italian Restaurant“It\’s a friendly little place with good food and great salad dressing!”
KRMama Inez – Pocatello“Local flavor and supporting good business”
HTButter Burr’s Restaurant“The home dining atmosphere, along with great portions of home comfort food for a reasonable price”
LBBamboo Garden“Quick and easy”
BATaste of India and Nepal“The food is affordable and so delicious. And the staff are so nice.”
CLJakers Bar and Grill“Excellent good quality every time & they use Idaho products”
TF5th Street Bagelry“The delicious bagels!!!”
JHGrecian Key Restaurant“Great food!”
DHThe College Market“Friendly staff and amazing food and drinks”
BSThe Sand Trap“The vibe! and service is always great.”