Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

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Thank you for taking part in our survey.

The data we collect is confidential.

We will not share data.

We will periodically post a survey or poll on topics that are of general interest to those that live in Southeast Idaho.

The purpose of these surveys and polls is to gather input on various topics of interest from local residents and, where appropriate, compare local  information to comparable information regionally and nationally, and report back the results we find.

Results of all surveys and polls will be published and made available to the general public. Detail data collected from individuals will not be released.

Stated below is Our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy on the data we collect.
1. The data we collect is for the purpose and use of the particular topic only and will not be released to any individual or entity with the following exception.

2. When an individual or entity engages us to conduct a poll or survey on their behalf they must first agree to comply with our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy stated above and we will fully disclose that the survey or poll is on their behalf.