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My Favorite Restaurant
Pocatello surveysThis is a confidential survey. Your info will not be shared. Estimated time  3-5 minutes to pick your favorite restaurant from this guide.
This Restaurant Guide is an 8 page full color printed booklet that lists current information on 66 restaurants and places to eat in Pocatello and Chubbuck. They are classified as: American Style, Bar/Grill, Chinese, Deli, Fast Food, Greek, Italian, Mexican, Other/Asian and Pizza. The printed booklet has been placed in the lobbies of the local motels to provide availability to travelers.Local residents can pick up a copy at The Popcorn Shop, Dellart Floral, The UPS Store and Bru House Galilei. It is also available as a flip-book on the Pocatello Surveys Page and on-line at Pocatello.net.The Pocatello/Chubbuck Restaurant Guide is published by Pocatello.net and sponsored by:
Bru House Galilei, Dellart Floral, Jump In, Level Up, Snappys, The Popcorn Shop, The UPS Store, Then & Now, Urban Shabby and Westwood Discount.

The survey asks for your first and last name, your Email address, your phone # and what or why you like your favorite restaurant. The data you enter will not be shared with anyone.

You have to enter to win a FREE Gift Card and other prizes!
As an incentive to participate in this Survey each participant’s name will be entered into a drawing for several FREE prizes. One vote per person. Drawing will be held on 3-9-2018.

#2 – A short survey
Do You Shop at Locally Owned Businesses?Estimated time
1-3 minutes
Think – “The reason I do, or don’t, shop locally is …………